'Adhinayakudu' Music review

‘Adhinayakudu’ Music review




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Natasimha Balakrishna triple Dhamaka ‘Adhinayakudu’ with hot babes Lakshmi Rai and Saloni under Parachuri Murali’s direction celebrated its audio launch today. The film makers directly released the songs into the market without any fanfare. Kalyani Malik tuned the music for the film amidst high expectations. ML.Kumar Chowdhary is producing this high budget film. Let us see what magic Kalyani Malik is able to create among music lovers.


Olammi Ammi


Artist(s): SPB, Reeta


A romantic duet sung by SPB in his own imitable style along with Reeta. Kalyani Malik rendered soothing music to the song. SPB’s voice brings beauty to the song the way he sung Olammi ammi ammi, nee andam saranam gachchami. Beat of the song change suddenly to fast rhythm.


Guruda Itu Rara


Artist(s): Mano, Reeta


A different fast romantic duet sung by Mano along with Reeta. He took enough care so that there won’t be any comparison of him with SPB. Shade of ‘Malliswari’ title song was there but only in few lines.


Ooranta Dandalette Devude


Artist(s): Kalyani Malik


Kalyani Malik himself sung this flashback song. Listening to it one gets the feel of the story of hero wronged by villains. The song is a heart touching melancholy


Masti Jawani Jalsa Jalsa

Artists: SPB, Chitra


Mass masala number by SPB and Chitra. SPB bought romantic feelings in the song using all his experience and Chitra with her husky voice turned the song red hot.


Andam Akumadi


 Artist(s): Mano, Neha Honey


Peppy number sung Mano and Neha Honey. Masses will like the number and surely Neha’s raunchy voice keeps them spell bound.


Adigo Adhinayakudu


Artist(s): Kalyani Malik


This is the film’s title song with full of powerful words picturing as leader of masses. Kalyani Malik’s voice did full justice to the song. Already the trailer of Balakrishna along with thousands of people is creating a sensation with fans.


 Final Track


Kalyani Malik composed tunes keeping in view Naasimha Balakrishna’s powerful mass image and also the story of the film. This left him with little scope to include a melody in the album. All in all the songs appeal to Balayya fans and masses.



‘Adhinayakudu’ Music review
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