Adhugo Review

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Movie: Adhugo

Rating: 0.5/5.0

Writing and Direction: Ravibabu

Behind the Scenes:
Ravibabu has brought out his Piglet film, Adhugo out of the cans which has been delayed for around three years. He did a great adventure by using a Piglet as the Protagonist of the film and made a comedy entertainer with it. Let us see how Adhugo is received by the audience:
Bunty (Piglet) runs out of the house after having a quarrel with his father. It gets in between two gangs – Six Pack Shakthi (Ravibabu) and Durga who are after a land. Bunty swallows a microchip having the land details. Raji (Nabha) and Abhishek (Abhishek) are lovers and they also get into trouble due to Bunty. On the other side, two gangs are after Bunty to put him for Piglets Racing. What happens to Bunty after these gangs are hounding him forms the rest of the story.
Star Shine:
Piglet is the Protagonist of the film. Usually, people get irritated even on seeing a Piglet but we can see Bunty giving lip kisses in this film. The team seems to have toiled really hard to have the Piglet act in the film. Except for Ravibabu, Nabha Natesh, Vijay Sai, and RK, rest of the cast are of newcomers. Nabha is beautiful while Ravibabu is good as Six Pack Shakthi.
Adhugo is Technically Good. Live Animation and Visual Effects were extensively used to make the Piglet Act natural. They are good here and there. The background score and the cinematography are appreciable. Ravibabu selected a good concept of using Piglet as a Protagonist but the story and characterizations have faltered a big time. Too many Rowdy gangs complicated the story and confuse the audience. Moreover, most of the comedy generated is cheap and headache-inducing. The Production Values are okay for such a film. Editing could have been a lot better.
Ravibabu seems to have inspired by Rajamouli’s Eega for this story. Some acts of the Piglet are impressive here and there but some cheap comedy just for the sake of it irritates the audience. Some scenes are disgusting, to say the least. One character is seen using the cuss words and another is just spitting on faces. The scene of Piglet spitting Amudham on Gutka Gangaraju is the pinnacle of disgustingness. With too many rowdy gangs, we do not understand what is happening. The story lacks seriousness anywhere and so is the filmmaker. The logic goes toss at many places. All this makes Adhugo one of the boring movies of the year.
Movie Marks: 
Adhugo: Boring Movie of The Year
Cast: Piglet, Abhishek Varma, Nabha Natesh, Ravibabu, and Others
Writing and Direction: Ravibabu
Producer: Suresh Babu
DOP: S Sudhakar Reddy
Music: Prashant R Vihari
Editor: Balla Satyanarayana
Banner: Suresh Productions and Flying Frogs
Release Date: 7th November 2018

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