Agnyaathavaasi Pre-Release Business

Powerstar Pawan Kalyan’s Agnyaathavaasi is all set for a Grand Release across the globe on 10th with Overseas Premieres tomorrow. The movie had registered the Pre-Release Business of 160 Crore with theatrical business only accounting for 125 Crore. A lot of money is at stake from here and the movie has to recover 125 Crore Share Worldwide to emerge as a Hit. Anything below 100 Crore Share is considered as a flop venture. The advance bookings of the film indicate that the movie is all set for a huge opening. Sankranthi Festival Advantage and the bonanzas by both the state governments in the form of Special Shows and Benefit Shows will come to its help big time. There is no notable competition as well except Balayya’s film and a dubbing movie Gang. So, things are bright for the film as of now. Here is the breakup of Agnyaathavaasi Pre-Release Business:
Nizam: 29.1 Crore
Ceeded: 16.3 Crore
Uttarandhra: 11.9 Crore
East: 8.1 Crore
West: 6.8 Crore
Krishna: 7.1 Crore
Guntur: 8.9 Crore
Nellore: 4.1 Crore
AP+Nizam: 92.3 Crore
Karnataka: 10.9 Crore
ROI: 2.4 Crore
Overseas: 19.4 Crore
WW Theatrical: 125 Crore
Broadcast: 32.5 Crore
Music + Others: 2.5 Crore
Total Business: 160 Crore