Agnyathavassi Chair vs Aravinda Sametha Chair

Young Tiger NTR and ace director Trivikram combo much-hyped film ‘Aravindha Sametha’ shooting is progressing at brisk pace in Hyderabad. Makers have planned to release the teaser on August 15th on occasion of 72nd Independence Day. Today morning makers released teaser date and time poster.

NTR fans are happy with teaser release is an announcement, but now they are feeling tense after teaser release pre-look poster. Teaser pre-look poster with the silhouette of NTR sitting on a chair over a collapsed goon is reminding Agnyaathavasi teaser.

It can be recalled that Pawan Kalyan rotates a wooden chair and he explains the struggle that went into the making of the chair from a tree in Agnyaathavasi teaser. Now, in this ‘Aravindha Sametha’ pre-look poster also Trivikram doesn’t leave the Chair sentiment. Agnyathavassi Chair vs Aravinda Sametha Chair- Sentiment not missing for Trivikram.

Agnyaathavasi turned as a disaster, so now NTR fans are also feeling tense with this flop chair sentiment. Now, this sentiment of Trivirkam is giving sleepless nights to NTR fans. Let us till August 15th, the teaser release to know that Trivikram has come out from Agnyaathavasi Hangover or not!!!