Aishwarya so simple than Rajini

Dhanush who shot to fame with Kolaveri Di confessed that his wife Aishwarya is hundred times simpler than her father and his father- in- law Rajanikanth. Rajanikanth, Kollywood superstar floored many with his simplicity. 

Speaking about his first meeting with Rajanikanth’s daughter he said "At the first day’s show of my film ‘Kadal Kondaen’, we, as a family went to watch it. By the interval, we were all hugging each other as we knew it would be a hit. Once the film was over, I was about to leave when the cinema owner introduced me to Rajinikanth sir’s daughters Aishwarya and Soundarya. We just said him to each other and left. The next day, Aishwarya sent me a bouquet saying, ‘Good work. Keep in touch’. I just took that very seriously. She is two years older to me and we got married two years later after we met."About her qualities he says I don’t see her like that. I like her simplicity. If you think her father is simple, meet Aishwarya. She is 100 times simpler than her father. She treats everybody as an equal and can be friends with anybody. But I also like that she is extremely complicated. She is a good mother to my sons and is bringing them up extremely well.