Akashdeep Saigal Fundraiser

Akashdeep Saigal Fundraiser

Akashdeep, like his name is a person who is involved in things as vast as his name, sky, itself. He is an actor, a social worker, an artist, a model, a judge and many more rolled in one.

Recently he attended a fundraiser in Dubai. Fundraiser is a non-profit organization take advantage of the services of professional fundraisers. These fundraisers may be paid for their services either through fees unrelated to the amounts of money to be raised, or by retaining a percentage of raised funds.

He also walked the ramp in fashion week for Bhairavi Jaikishen and also for kid’s fashion week. Akashdeep has a special liking for kids so when it comes to anything pertaining to kids, he never says no. So when the association requested him to walk the ramp, he neither asked the date nor the amount.

So is Akashdeep, as vast as a sky. He will also be judging the Sardar Patel college festival and will be encouraging the future generation in his own way

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Akashdeep Saigal Fundraiser
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