Akhil Akkineni Interview

After a disastrous debut with Akhil – The Power of Jua, Akhil Akkineni has made a comeback with his latest film, Hello. On this occasion, Akhil gave a very detailed interview to media. Here is the transcript.
Q: Are you a relieved man now?
Yes! I delighted that my work is being appreciated. Importantly, my performance is being appreciated which is our motto while doing the film. A day before the release,  I couldn’t sleep the whole night until I got a call from the US confirming a hit. It has been a very emotional journey for me.
Q: What did you undergo?
After a disastrous debut, there is a lot of turmoil in my personal life Things have become hard to get back and I hardly came out of my home. My Parents stood alongside me and helped me to fight my battle. I was relieved when Vikram came with Hello script and I forgot all the tensions in my life while shooting for it.
Q: The best compliment that you received for the film?
A girl wrote to me on Twitter that I stole her heart during the climax. That is the best I got. My Brother Chay also told me he loved me as an actor in the film. He said that I had grown a lot as an actor after my first film which made me very happy.
Q:  About the effort, you put in for the film?
There are a lot of stylish action sequences in the film. I train vigorously for three months and they are done without CG work. They are physically taxing. Bob Brown is the reason for the fantastic stunts you see in the film.
Q:  How did you turn into a Singer for this film?
Anoop and I traveled a lot for the film. One fine day, he asked me to hum a few lines. He instantly liked my voice and forced me to sing for the film. I trained for a month to get the song well as I did not want to sound foolish. I am happy that my work is being appreciated.
Q: About the care is taken by your father for this film?
He is not only my father, he is the father of this project. He has involved everything from the script to the post-production stages to get the best in this relaunch project. I am indebted to my father and mother for their support during this project.
Q: Where do you think went wrong with your debut?
It is totally my responsibility. I believed the script along with Vinayak garu but both of us failed. I wanted to announce my arrival with a bang. So chose a commercial film but did not plan how to showcase me. The failure itself is a huge learning experience. I understood that the story is of a paramount importance to any film.
Q:  What are your Bollywood Plans?
My focus is fully on Telugu films right now. I love watching Hindi films and Ayan Mukherjee is my favorite director. I am looking forward to work in new age films which will be quite realistic with a strong storyline.