How Akhil Akkineni’s First Song Happened?

Akhil Akkineni’s Hello is all set for a grand release on 22nd of this month as Christmas Special. The young hero has tried singing in his second film as well and the song has come out very well. Here is what Anup Rubens said about how it happened and how he made Akhil sing the song.

“The idea struck when we met casually once and he was humming some Hindi song. I asked him to try as his voice will bring fresh feel. He confided that he loves singing and that it was his passion as a bathroom singer. We sat together a couple of times with the keyboard because he wanted to get trained in singing. We spent quite a few hours about singing. When I composed the Hello song, I was about to ask him to try, but he only asked. So it happened simultaneously.

He is a very dedicated man and worked really hard for the song to come perfect. A hero singing a song will bring added advantage to the song. It will obviously connect more with the audience,” Anup Rubens told in an interview. Hello is the landmark 50th film in Anup Rubens’ Musical Career.

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