Akkineni Family Undergoing A Lean Patch

Mr Majnu starring Akhil Akkineni is the most recent film from the Akkineni family. The movie ended up as a dud at the Box Office which means three straight disasters for Akhil. This failure will also compound the woes of Akkineni family which has not delivered a hit in the recent years. Nagarjuna’s last hit is Oopiri in 2016 which is followed by three flops.

Naga Chaitanya’s last hit is in 2017 i.e., Rarandoi Veduka Chudham. He has delivered three big flops after that. We already talked about Akhil’s miserable start to his career. It looks like the entire family is undergoing a lean patch. Only respite is Akkineni Bahu Samantha bagging some success. The Morale of Akkineni fans is at all time low and they are desperately waiting for their heroes to make a comeback.

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