Akkineni fans Vexed with Akhil

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Akhil Akkineni has delivered two back to back disasters. With Naga Chaitanya proving to be not effective at the box office, Akkineni fans have pinned high hopes on Akhil to take the legacy of ANR and Nagarjuna forward. But then, the young actor is disappointing them big time. Akkineni fans are of the opinion that Akhil choosing to work with young directors is the reason for the failures.

Much to the disappointment, Akhil chose one film old Venky Atluri for his third film and there are rumours that he has okayed the script of Satya Prabhas who bagged a big hit with Satya Prabhas for his fourth film. Akkineni fans are still waiting for the young hero to work with a star director which means it is not happening any sooner. They are of the opinion that films with young directors will not get big collections even if the movie hit which will not showcase the actor’s capability.

On the other side, Akhil’s Third Project is currently being canned in the UK. Akhil had pinned high hopes on this film to attain the first commercial success of his career. The actor has delivered two disasters in a row and undoubtedly, the pressure is mounting on the young actor.

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