Ala Vaikunthapurramuloo Live Review

Last updated on January 13th, 2020 at 08:22 am

Stylish star Allu Arjun after taking a significant break of almost one and a half year, is now all set to entertain the audience with his forthcoming flick Ala Vaikunthapurramuloo.

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MyFirstShow LIVE review rating: 3/5

Final Talk: The second half starts off nicely but the graph goes down by the time film comes to an end with long emotional scenes. The film is a complete class entertainer with Trivikram mark scenes and narration. There’s a bit of S/o Satyamurthy, a bit of Attarintiki Daaredi and other Trivikram movies. Trivikram has done his job well in terms of dialogues but he could have added more depth and entertainment to the story. Allu Arjun steals the show with his cool body language and dialogue delivery. He is a treat to watch in songs as usual. Pooja Hegde, Nivetha Pethuraj don’t have much to do except for some skin show. Trivikram who is famous for giving strong roles to veteran actresses has given a raw deal to Tabu this time. Murali Sharma shines with a brilliant performance. Sushant is present all through the film without any proper role or dialogues. Jayaram and others are okay. Sunil is once again wasted. The music and BGM are big assets to the movie. The production values are up to the mark but nothing extraordinary. The film will find a great response with the multiplex audience who enjoy the Trivikram brand of cinema but others might find it hard to get connected with the subtle humor and slow narration in some of the portions. The film can turn out to be a decent hit owing to the festival season and positive word of mouth from the A centers.

Punchline: Bunny’s Nannintiki Daaredi! 

12:45 AM: The movie comes to an end after an emotional climax. The End. Stay tuned for detail report.

12:36 AM: Father-son emotional and sentiment scenes going on.

US BO Collections:

Ala Vaikuthapurramuloo: $457,233 From 144 Locations (02:00 PM EST)

12:20 AM: Time for the blockbuster Ramuloo Ramula song. Best song in terms of dance from Allu Arjun in the movie. Feast for fans. Brahmanandam makes a cameo appearance.

12:15 AM: The board meeting scene with a medley of songs isn’t gelling well with the narrative. The comedy looks forced.

23:59 PM: Hilarious 5-minute long scene between Allu Arjun And Rajendra Prasad. Trivikram has done his homework well.

23:51: A superb fight scene at Kurnool Port between Allu Arjun and Samuthirakani gang members. The warning scene also has come out well. Guruji on duty.

23:46 PM: Nice intro scene of Bantu with all the family members including Sunil who is a relative of Nivetha.

23:40 PM: Second half starts on funny note with Vennela Kishore entering the plot as doctor. Bantu is attempting to get into Jayaram’s palace Vaikunthapurram. **Attarintiki Daaredi reference**

The first half of the movie is a complete classy treat from Trivikram that will appeal the most to high-end multiplex audiences. A small section of the audience might feel disconnected from the narration and subtle humor. There are also too many characters introduced in the film which might get a bit confusing and distracting for some of the audience. Allu Arjun is at his best in whatever he does. The songs also have been an asset to the film. Trivikram has given a very neat polished film as of now with good dialogues. The second half will prove to be crucial now and if the emotional quotient between the father and son clicks then Ala Vaikunthapurramuloo will prove to be a good hit at the box office.

23:23 PM: The first half comes to an end with an emotional high. INTERVAL

23:11 PM: A sudden attack on Jayaram by Samuthirakani and Allu Arjun admits Jayaram in the hospital. In the process all the truth about his birth is revealed to Allu Arjun. 

23:04 PM: Time for Butta Bomma song after Pooja Hegde falls for our Bantu. Pooja Hegde looks cute and hot at the same time in the potti potti skirts. 

The film is moving smoothly with Trivikram’s brand of humor and narration

23:00 PM: Rajendra Prasad’s character as SP providing some comedy now

22:54 PM: Pooja Hegde in talks with marriage with Sushant who is already in love with Nivetha Pethuraj, daughter of Tanikella Bharani.

22: 46 AM: Villain Samuthirakani and his son Govind wants to join Jayaram’s company as share holders which is right now not in a good position. Sushant, son of Jayaram is incapable of handling the massive stakes. 

22:38 PM: Pooja Hegde is his Boss. They go to Paris on some assignment. Here come Blockbuster song Samajavaragamana picturized beautifully.

22:25 AM: Bantu joins a company in which Navadeep is the HR. Oops!

22:19 PM: Time for Daddy Song…which is nice

22:14 AM: Bantu’s small but cool fight with Navadeep.

22:07 PM: 20 years later Sushant as Raj, son of Murali Sharma grows up lavishly as Jayaram’s son and Allu Arjun (Bantu), son of Jayaram leads a middle class life as Murali Sharma’s son.

22:04 PM: Baby swapping happens between Murali Sharma-Renuka and Jayaram-Tabu couples

22:00 PM: Showtime Ala Vaikunthapurramuloo