Allu Arjun Paid Rich Tribute To His Grandfather

Allu Ramalingaiah is a legendary actor who played character roles, comedian roles, and villain characters in over 1000 films. Today on the occasion of Allu Ramalingaiah’s death anniversary Allu Arjun paid a rich tribute to his grandfather. Allu Arjun took social media as a platform to pay his tributes. He posted, “I remember this day when he left us. I know more about him now than on that day. The more I experience many things in life, the more I connect to his efforts, struggles, and journey. We all are here today in this position because of this poor farmers’ passion for cinema 🙏🏼”.

On the work front, Allu Arjun is currently working on an upcoming project titled ‘Pushpa.’ He is waiting for coronavirus cases to slow down to resume the shoot. Sukumar is helming megaphone for this project.