Allu's Elder Son with latest technology.

Allu’s Elder Son with latest technology.

It is learnt that famous producer Allu Aravind has been taking a lot of promotional actives to avoid piracy in the film industry, now, its turn of his elder son Allu Venkatesh. Actually, he may not be acting in front of the media but behind the screen he is doing enough service to Tollywood in order to save the industry from burgeoning production cost and increasing piracy fears. Allu Venkatesh, CEO to Cinematica Digitals PVT Ltd is bringing ‘QUBE Digital XP-E’ Technology to Hyderabad. 

On this occasion, Allu Venkatesh has arranged a Press Meet and showcased the Preview 3D Effects of this technology at Cinemax on yesterday (November 19th) during the presence of SS Rajamouli, Meher Ramesh, Guna Sekhar, Senthil Kumar, Allu Aravind, Shyam Prasad Reddy etc.    

Quality of the Projection not getting deteriorated with time, less expense Projector, decrease in the cost of film printing, power consumption to come down by 50%, prevention of piracy, 3D Film friendly, 3D sound system, conversion from 2D to 3D are few of the benefits Allu Venkatesh explained about this QUBE Digital XP-E Technology.

Allu’s Elder Son with latest technology.
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