Amazon Prime Killing Theatrical Business of Films

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Sweety Anushka’s Horror Thriller, Bhaagamathie will be streamed on Amazon prime from today i.e., just one month after the movie release. Interestingly, the movie is still running in some theaters in both the Telugu States which means the run will be curtailed forcibly. Its high time the producers realize that the streaming partners are going to kill theatrical business very soon. They should immediately think about setting up a firm guideline that no movie should be screened online before 3 months. Recently, MCA also got the same issue.

The Problem with the early screening of films online is that in case the movie is a flop, the audience is totally staying away from the theaters and waiting for the print to come online which is almost like very quickly. On the other side, if the movie is hit, the run is being cut short. So, the makers should somehow find a way from here. Amazon Prime, the new entrant in the online streaming business is burning huge cash and the deals are becoming irresistible for the Producers. Next in the line from Amazon Prime is Mega Power Star Ram Charan’s Rangasthalam which is being readied for March 30th as Summer Special.

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