Amazon Robs Telugu Exhibitors of Their Feb Lifeline

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The Exhibitors of both the Telugu States are extremely worried about the direction in which the Film Industry is heading to. After the mad rush at the Box Office for Sankranthi, there are no notable releases. Akhil Akkineni’s Mr Majnu ended up as a big disaster while YSR Biopic – Yatra is going average despite a decent talk and reviews.

Sankranthi Release, F2 is still getting decent collections on weekends. These collections are feeding the theaters which have no notable releases in February. But then, they are in shock after F2 has released in Amazon Prime and is available to the audience. In all probability, this will cut down the film’s run at the Box Office. This may come as an advantage to Yatra but the question is if the film will make use of it. Amazon Prime may be filling the pockets of the Producers but it has become a bane for the exhibitors.

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