AMB Cinemas Floating Norms of The Government?

Superstar Mahesh Babu’s AMB Cinemas, the First Multiplex in a joint venture with Asian Cinemas in Gachibowli, Hyderabad was open to Public yesterday. The Seven Screen Multiplex is a synonym of luxury and high-end technology. The movie tickets, however, are too costly. There are in the range of 200, 230, 300, and 430 Rupees as of now. As per the rule of the Telangana Government, only 150 Rupees is allowed as the Pricing for tickets in the Multiplexes and 250 for the recliners.

250 Rupees is the highest that can be charged in Multiplexes so far. More than a year ago, Telangana Government has allowed the increase of Ticket Prices but immediately withdrew the GO after the public backlash. It is astonishing how they allowed the pricing for AMB Cinemas. The tickets of higher costs are not being sold online as of now. Since there is a high ticket from the VIPs in the initial days, they are being reserved for them.