American Police Targets Telugu Associations

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Recently unearthed international sex racket involving some of the upcoming Tollywood actresses is throwing up flabbergasting details. As we all aware that Chicago police arrested Telugu couple Kishan Modugumudi and his wife Chandra who has been booked for running sex racket inviting actresses to the US for various cultural events.

Latest update news is that American Federal Police targets Telugu Associations, Telugu associations like TANA, ATA, TPAD and Detroit Telugu Association are being approached by the US. Buzz is that, tried to reach TANA president Satish Vemana in this regard to know if the letters produced by Kishan to get travel visas for the actresses are genuine or not.

In meanwhile, Movie Artist Association (MAA) president Shivaji Raja, has been quoted as saying by a national media house as, a few years ago that an actress arrived in India with dollars equivalent to Rs. 14 lakhs. This after she made a brief trip to the US She had worked with Kishan, who was a pro at selling the sexual services of helpless/greedy actresses. When this actress became so rich in a matter of a few days all doubts are raising now. As a part of MAA, it is not right part to reveal the actress name to the public without solid proof.

Many names of the upcoming and popular actress are speculating wide in media circles as involved in this nasty racket. Let us wait and where this issue will ends!!!

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