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Naga Shaurya and  Shamili starrer family entertainer Ammamma Gari Illu releasing in a grand way on Today and here are Live Updates from USA premier show.  

Show Started At 8:30 PM, EST (6:00 AM, IST)

6:00 AM (IST) – The Movie just started in a village at 1998 backdrop…

6:05 AM (IST) – One Joint Family in a village with SP Bala Subramanyam VoiceOver. Chalapati Rao introduced as Family head, Sumitra entry as his wife. Rao Ramesh and Sivaji Rao introduced as his Son’s and Sudha as his daughter. Suman made entry as Chalapati Rao’s Son- Law- in (Sudha’s Husband).

6:15 AM (IST) – Chalapati Rao dies suddenly due to the heart attack. After Chalapati Rao death, his elder son Rao Ramesh fights with family for Property split but Sumitra doesn’t agree to split the property. Rao Ramesh, Sivaji Raja, and Suman move to City along with their families.   Sumitra stays in a village alone.

6:25 AM (IST) – Movie shifts back to 2017…Rao Ramesh is a contractor in the city. Shamili introduced as his daughter.

6:30 AM (IST) – Naga Shourya introduced as Suman and Sudha’s son.

6:45 AM (IST) – Some sentiment scenes in a village…  Sumitra is eagerly waiting in a village to see children and grandchildren.

6:50 AM (IST) – Sumitra decided to split and share the property to the heirs and ask her all children to come back to the village for property split.

 7:00 AM (IST) – All her children finally come to the village to see their mother.

7:10 AM (IST) – Naga Shaurya came to village along with his friend Shakala Shankar…

7:20 AM (IST) – Naga Shaurya who wants the family to be united… Indirectly breaks the property split

So far the film is running at a slow pace

7:25 AM (IST) – Entire family is staying along with Sumitra in the village.

7:30 AM (IST) – Small function in the house, it’s time for first song ‘Chala Chala…’ The song is Okay which portrays tom and Jerry fight between hero Naga Shaurya and heroine Shamili.

7:35 AM (IST) – Couple sentiment and family scenes are going on. The film tends towards the interval bang.

7:40 AM (IST) – Families members came to know that Naga Shaurya is one who indirectly stopping property registration. With this, the first half of the film is done.

The first is just completed… So far the film went in a slow pace with predictable storyline. It doesn’t have any twists and turns. Only one song present in the first half which okay. Among all roles, Hema’s character is better. She did a good job. The film is made with a low budget- production values are poor which clearly appears on the screen. Let us wait and see how director drives the film in the second half…   

7:50 AM (IST) – Second half started… The love track with lead pair Naga Shaurya and Shamili…

8: 00 AM (IST) – Entire Family goes to temple town Annavaram… Couple of scenes running in Annavaram…

8:10 AM (IST) – The film shifted back to village… Naga Shaurya trying to unite all family members by recalling all old memories… Heavy Sentiment scenes

8:20 AM (IST) – All airs between family members are cleared. Expect Rao Ramesh all family members united.

8:25AM (IST) – Small twist Family members came to know the property was registered 20 years back. Intentionally Sumitra misguided family members.  Rao Ramesh, Sivaji Raja and Suman along with their families back to City. The film tending towards climax with sentiment scenes..

8:35AM (IST) –Rao Ramesh hitched in an issue related to some land dispute… Naga Shaurya saves him… Rao Ramesh changes and unites along with family members. With this the film came to the end.

Second Half is also same as first-half – runs at a very slow pace.  Overall, it is 1980’s film, director made is in 2018. At present this kind of story is coming on Television as serials.  Telugu audience watched so many films with this kind of story and it will not attract anyone at any point. It seems like director tried to take inspiration from ‘Sathamanambhavathi’ but he failed at most of the points. The film is quite boring and One may feel that when the film will comes to end.  Finally, Naga Shaurya added one more flop in his kitty after ‘Kanam’.

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