Amrutharamam Movie Review

Amrutharamam Movie Review

Movie : Amrutharamam

Rating : 1.5/5

Director : Surender Kottandi

Behind the Scenes:

A small film, Amrutharamam backed by Senior Filmmaker, Suresh Babu has become the first Telugu film to skip its theatrical release and directly release online. The movie is streaming on Zee5, the OTT Platform of Zee Group. Let us see how the film fares with the audience.


Amrutha (Amita Ranganath) comes to the United States to pursue her masters and falls in love at first sight with Ram (Ram Mittakanti). However, she is so obsessed and insecure about him that she can not even tolerate someone getting close to him. Out of her mad love, she tries to amend two things for Ram which hurts his ego. That leads to Ram deserting her but when he realizes that she did all that out of love, their story takes an unexpected twist.


Ram Mittakanti does an average job in his debut film. He has that amateurishness and is yet to evolve a lot. Amita Ranganath is better than Ram and does well in a character that has a lot of substance. There are very few characters in the film, all played by newcomers and most of them are okay in whatever they are offered.

Technical Performances:

Surender Kotandi is the director and writer of the film. He chose a love story that offers nothing new and tried to invoke the magic with subtle moments and poetic writing. But then, he falters in execution. The proceedings are slow and there are no highs whatsoever straight from the start. The dialogues particularly those of the heroine are good. NS Prasu came up with average songs and pass off without any excitement. The background score, however, is good. Santosh Shanamoni’s camera work is okay for a small film. The film is fully shot abroad. The film is around Two Hours but still feels longer due to the slow pace. Editing should have been better in the first half.


Amrutharamam offers nothing new and depends fully on the moments and writing like Naga Chaitanya and Samantha’s Yem Maaya Chesave. But with new stars, it is not easy to recreate such magic. The first half feels like nothing is happening and the second half passes away easily. The conflict point does not look convincing and the climax again gives you a feeling you have watched it somewhere. Amrutharamam disappoints despite the honest intent of the team.

Movie Marks:

Amruthamramam: Fails To Create The Magic

Cast and Crew

Producer: SN Reddy

Writer and Director: Surender Kontaddi

Starring: Ram Mittakanti, Amitha Ranganath, Srijith Gangadharin, and JD cherukuru

Music: NS Prasu

Cinematography: Santosh Shanamoni

Editor: Karthika Srinivas

Production company: Padmaja Films India Pvt Ltd and Cinemawala

Presenter: Suresh Productions

Release Date: April 29th, 2020 (Direct Online Release)