Amy Jackson goes “aesthetically” topless

Amy Jackson topless pregnant picture

Amy Jackson has been documenting her 9 months of pregnancy amazingly on social media by sharing her exclusive never-seen-before pics. She has been sharing photos of her baby bump, her day-to-day experience with her boyfriend George Panayiotou which has been a truly emotional journey for her and her fans. Her latest picture is just astonishingly beautiful where she can be seen enjoying her pregnancy to the fullest.

Amy who is currently 33 weeks pregnant decided to go topless in her latest snap flaunting her heavy baby bump. She captioned the pic saying, “Greece!?! Nooo.. the munchkin and I are spending the rest of our Summer in the back garden, waiting for their little appearance! Officially in week 33 of pregnancy.”

Well, in spite of being topless we are floored by its aesthetics Amy!

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