Analysis: How to get Padma awards?

There has been lot of hue and cry when Padma awards were announced with many from AP, Tollywood and even movie lovers saying that Union Govt doesn’t recognize talent and all the awards are sold or given in pressure or favouritism. They even said quid pro qo has been followed in the awards distribution. Many movie lovers are crestfallen and dejected that Bapu and late Mullapudi Venkataramana were not recognised and even if they are given, the awards are below their towering stature. This may be the opinion of many but did anyone think what Bapu or for that matter Venkataramana thought about the awards? Some people met Bapu and Mullapudi and asked why they were not giving awards and forget about others even during the regime of ardent fan late PM.PV.Narasimha Rao also they did not get the awards. One should know that PV.Narasimha Rao, former PM thought of spreading Bapu’s video lessons across the country!. For that Ramana replied since PV.Narasimha Rao was aware that we won’t get elated on awards he did not give. Even after such down to the earth attitude an official in PMO office recommended to the then PM PV.Narasimha Rao to honor him with awards. But PV sidestepped saying what for awards for Bapu and Ramana. If the same are given to others at least they will feel proud and elated. Bapu and Ramana don’t have names like Kalaprapurna, Hasya brahma,chitra brahma before their names and had they agreed many organisations would have conferred. Even though many universities and Govts conferred them Honorary Doctorate, they never used in front of their names. So why do they care for awards. Some say AP Govt and MPs don’t try sincerely but there are many who tried a lot at least for Bapu and Ramana but in vain. One should know positioning and promoting oneself in industry or in any field marketing is important. Had Bhupen Hazarika confined himself to Assamese many wouldn’t have known him. He sang in Assamese, Bengali, Hindi, and English and got national recognition. So even though govt awarded him Padmavibhushan posthumously no one objected. Ghantasala is a great singer which all Telugu people know. But how many in Delhi is aware of his greatness. His fans tried hard to get postal stamp released on his name and emerged successful in 2003. But initially postal department refused to do so. When fans said he was a great singer, they retorted there were many great singers. However, when fans said he sang more than 10000 songs they relented. However no one knows that Ghantasala sang only around 3000 songs. 

One gets recognition when some fans or erudite journalists write articles in English print media at national level so that Delhi people get to know the great talent from south. Awards committee sitting in Delhi will face lots and lots of troubles and problems. Each state send huge list of names as they have their own constraints. They include names and if someone don’t get award they can wash off their hands stating they have included but if Union Govt don’t give it is not their fault. When committee scrutinizes the list obviously they get attracted to known names which prompt them to include them in final list. Our scribes who lament Tollywood and Andhra Pradesh talent is not getting recognised should plan meticulously as to what to do and how to promote talent in media so that when the names are sent, they attract immediate attention from jury. 

It is natural that national celebrities get shortlisted easily while celebrities of one state may not be known to others. Before blaming Union Govt for not recognising talent, State Govt should introspect whether it honestly honoured deserving talent. They should know that state awards will act as additional attraction while winning national awards. If state itself doesn’t recognise what’s the point in blaming Centre. If one analysis from artists view point then there is no doubt that Gummadi’s acting talent is as good as SV.Ranga Rao. However SV.Ranga Rao is known to tamilians along with Kannamba, Savitri, S, Varalakshmi, Nagayya. They expanded their market which got them good recognition.

There are many beautiful singers in Malayalam but people know only Yesudas since he sang in different languages. Susila got Padma award belatedly but she wouldn’t have got that award if she might not sing in Tamil. Similar is the case with SPB. NTR, ANR may be greatest actors but none in the north know their talent. They only concentrated on Tollywood. NTR got numerous offers from Bollywood but he went on doing Telugu films. If he had not entered into politics he wouldn’t have got at least this recognition. During that time Bollywood is notorious for slow pace and at the same duration south used to come with three films. So many stars stayed away from Bollywood. However stars like Sridevi, Jayaprada went to Bollywood and won the hearts of many while Jayasudha confined herself to Tollywood. Girish Karnad got national recognition only because he featured in national films. 
Some may say they are not interested in awards. But awards act as tonic and inspire them. One should not forget that Hollywood have agents even for novelists and script writers. They help them in marketing their talent. Our artists don’t have those skills and don’t employ anyone who can bring name and fame. Had Mario Miranda confined himself to Konkani language cartoons in Goa he wouldn’t have got the recognition. However he started doing it in Times magazine. However Bapu confined himself to Telugu and many are not aware of his talent. Even many in AP may not know talented lot in other states. Bapu,Ramana never strove for recognition but however those scribes and lovers of art who crave for recognition for talent in Andhra Pradesh, instead of accusing Union Govt of partiality better start marketing and promoting them in national media or national magazines, print and visual media writing articles, sending video clips of their works etc. Even media instead of writing articles in telugu and local media engaging in unnecessary discussions, should concentrate on Hindi and English associated channels and ensure that AP talent get national wide recognition. One should not forget great Rabindranath Tagore did not get Nobel Prize for Githanjali just like that. His Swedish friend translated Githanjali into Swedish and sent to Nobel jury which helped them understand the greatness and conferred them the award. Hence people should know how to get Padma awards!
Analysis: How to get Padma awards?
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