Ananya stick on to marry Anjaneyan

‘Journey’ beauty Ananya, was all set to marry her fan turned business man Anjaneyan. But media reported it was on the verge of breaking with Anjayaneyan was found to be already married and has kids. Rumours flew thick and fast with family keeping the star under house arrest and even some complaint being filed on Anjaneyan. But Ananya rubbished all this interacting to media.

She says ‘All this is baseless. I know that Anjaneyan is married. He did not cheat me. We both like each other and decided to get married. He told me about his marriage and how the relationship is non-existent. He doesn’t have kids as reported in some papers. He is an awesome friend to me and our relationship has gotten stronger amidst all this mess surrounding us."She further adds her parents are totally with her and questions  “Why would they have an issue? He is a married man but my parents are okay with it. He will marry me once we finalise a few things on the work front and get a suitable date.”
The actress who is currently shooting in Kerala, says, “I have a heart too. I am surprised at the false news that has been dogging me. I wish people would not speculate so much and write just baseless rumours. There are families involved and we are professionals who have to wake up and go to work every morning. She has asked her father to withdraw the police complaint on Anjaneyan and accordingly, her father did it.