TV Anchor cum Film Actress Anasuya Interview

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TV Anchor cum Film Actress Anasuya who was mostly seen as a Glam Girl until now showed the real side of the actress in her with the role of Rangamma Atta in Ram Charan’s recently released film, Rangasthalam. Here is the Exclusive Interview of Anasuya on the occasion:
What is the Response for Rangamma Atta?
I am being flooded by appreciation where ever I go and in social media. Initially, I am in doubt when this role is offered but Sukumar convinced me and gave the necessary confidence and the rest happened automatically.
How did you accept the Atta Role?
I was very much thrilled when Sukumar narrated the script and my character. I felt I should be the part of the film at any cost. I saw so much of value in the character and did not feel it odd to be called as Atta.
How is it working with Rangasthalam team?
I think the film helped me grow as a person. I always feel bad when people looking me doubtful for playing glamour roles despite being a married woman. This film changed the perception of the people. I see that people are talking only about Rangamma Atta but not Anasuya.
About Sukumar:
I always wanted to prove him right for trusting me. If not for him, I would not have accepted the role. He and his assistants helped me in everything right from the dialect to the body language.
How is it working with Ram Charan?
He is an amazing person. My first day is the shoot of the crucial drunk scene. I was so nervous but he helped me to get over that. His co-operation helped me a lot and the scenes have come out so beautifully.
Why did you react so harsh about Arjun Reddy Event?
Even though I am a modern girl, I am always old-fashioned. I felt a hero using cuss words on a stage will send wrong signals to the society. I have absolutely no problems against the hero and the film. I was talking to a mother that day.
Future Projects and Roles?
I am looking forward to doing a variety of roles. I want to become the lady Prakash Raj in this industry.  I am looking forward to the roles which will showcase my acting prowess. I have a film called Sacchindi Gorre which is 70% complete and two other big projects are under discussion.

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