Star Anchor Remuneration Scaring Producers

Anchor Suma Pricey Tantrums

Anchor Suma Kanakala is one of the best in the business when it comes to hosting events and shows in Tollywood. Even though she hails from Kerala, and her mother tongue is Malayalam, she speaks Telugu fluently. She was the number one choice for all the major audio and pre-release functions. But now producers are preferring Manjusha. Reason?

According to the film circles, Suma Kanakala is demanding 3 to 5 lakhs for two-hour events from the producers. She is quoting the same price even for small movies too. So the producers of small movies are in deep shock and hence they are opting for Manjusha who comes for a much cheaper remuneration. Suma is becoming jobless these days as offers have dried up for her because of her price tantrums.

Suma started her own production house and has produced a show named Lakku Kikku. She is well known for her humorous and spontaneous remarks during her shows.