Anil Ravipudi Reveals Interesting Details About F3

Victory Venkatesh and Mega Prince Varun Tej’s F2, which released for last Sankranthi, became a blockbuster. Towards the end of the film, Director Anil Ravipudi has hinted about a Sequel to F2. The Sequel may be named F3. Anil revealed exciting details of this project in a recent interview.

“F3 is going to be a completely different world. It is not at all the continuation of F2. There will be no husband and wife here. However, the artists will be the same! They all have new targets and ambitions. How they come together to create a dose of fun will make the film. But there will be certain mannerisms and character traits from the first film that will remain. But all the situations will change,” the director revealed. Rumors are that Venkatesh will begin shooting for it immediately after completing the remake of Asuran. The plan is to release it for Sankranthi 2021.