Anushka in learning of

Actress Anushka is now learning horse riding and sword fighting for the forthcoming movie ‘Rudrama Devi’ directed by Gunashekar which is going on floors from April first week onwards 2013. The actress speaking to the media persons on the occasion of success of her latest movie ‘Damarukam’ with hero Nagarjuna directed by Srinivas Reddy, she said that it is different experience to play the role of goddess in the socio-fantasy movie ‘Damarukam’, she used to hear the stories in her childhood but now she really acted in the roles which she felt very happy. Now again getting the role of ‘Rudrama Devi’ is very lucky because she recently came to know the important of the role happened during the rule of Kakathiya dynasty. Commenting on ‘Mirchi’ movie with Prabhas she said, her role in the movie is very sweet not like ‘Mirchi’ but the role of ‘Mirchi’ is played by Prabhas. However she clarified that she is dubbing her own voice for Tamil and Telugu movies without any dubbing artist.