Anushka Sharma video Advise going viral

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To have a chit chat with Bollywood beauty Anushka Sharma is a dream for everyone. But for this man, it is a nightmare. The man named Arrhan Singh in question had just tossed a plastic wrapper out on the road from his car’s window. Anushka Sharma who noticed the incident immediately rolled down her window and advised him to use a dustbin rather than throwing the garbage on road.

The whole incident, which was recorded by Anushka Sharma’s husband Virat Kohli who was accompanying her in the car, has posted the video on Instagram. He captioned his video saying, “Saw these people throwing garbage on the road and pulled them up rightfully. Traveling in a luxury car and brains gone for a toss. These people will keep our country clean? Yeah right!!! If you see something wrong happening like this, do the same and spread awareness.”

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