Aravindha Sametha Movie Review

Movie: Aravindha Sametha

Rating: 3.0/5.0 

Behind the Scenes:
The combination of Young Tiger NTR and Wizard of Words Trivikram Srinivas is the most awaited for Nandamuri Fans for a very long. It happened after Trivikram delivered a massive disaster like Agnyathavasi and when Tarak has rediscovered himself with back to back sensible films. Let us see how Aravindha Sametha is received by the audience:
Aravindha Sametha story is set in the faction-ridden village of Kommaddi in Rayalaseema. Basireddy (Jagapathi Babu) kills Veera (NTR) father Narapu Reddy player by Nagababu. Veera who has the hot blood of his father later tries to bring peace in the region enlightener by two women – His Grandmother (Supriya) and His Girlfriend Aravindha (Pooja Hegde). How he does that forms the rest of the story.
Star Shine:
This is NTR’s Career Best Outing for sure
 When we say Outing, it is about everything – Performance, Styling, and dialogue delivery. NTR is super fit in the film like never before and his styling is too good. Dialogue delivery is excellent as always particularly the Rayalaseema accent in certain scenes. This is also his career-best performance with too much emotions gushing. Pooja Hegde is glamorous but her character is not strongly written as much as the film title suggests. Eesha Rebba is more of a sidekick. Jagapathi Babu is excellent and this is one of his best performances. Sunil is okay with his character being too far away from being the old Sunil. Naveen Chandra is okay. Rao Ramesh, Nagababu, Subhalekha Sudhakar, Devayani and others are good in whatever they are offered.
Trivikram definitely reinvented himself after Agnyathavasi failure even though it is far from being called perfect. Unlike most of his recent films, he did not focus on comedy and dealt with emotions this time. Treatment does a good job on a film which has a routine story sounding like NTR’s Dhammu. But he made sure that it does not get preachy by mixing the action part in Right Proportions. Dialogues were also carrying content without emphasis on Punches and Rhyming. Anaganaganaga and Reddy Ikkada Soodu are good and Peniviti disappoints. A better album by Thaman should have done wonders. The background score is good. The Camera work suits to the narrative. The rustic village side of Rayalaseema is nicely captured. Action is excellent and Editing is okay. Production Values are excellent.
The first 20 minutes or so is too good. As said earlier, Aravindha Sametha is more of an emotional film, the pace issues set in immediately after that. The romance track in the city is decent and things turn interesting when the Hero is back to the business. The interval Bang is good. The first half an hour of the Second half is again good and then things become a bit slow. Trivikram made sure that preaching will not ruin the experience by making sure that every such episode is preceded by an action block elevating the heroism. The climax has been decent. Aravindha Sametha as a whole is a decent effort by NTR and Trivikram. It is best for both of them in the recent times and turns to be a definite one time watch. On the flipside, there is no enough entertainment and there are pace issues. The commercial value will depend on how the masses receive it.
Movie Marks:
Aravindha Sametha: Decent Watch
Cast: NTR, Pooja Hegde, Eesha Rebba, Jagapathi Babu, and others
Writing and Direction: Trivikram Srinivas
Producer: S Radha Krishna (Chinababu)
DOP: PS Vinod
Music: Thaman
Editor: Navin Nooli
Banner: Haarika and Hassine
Release Date: 11th October 2018