Are Producers and Heroes Greediness Devastating Tollywood

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Telugu film industry reached heights in the world of cinema with gigantic success of ‘Baahubali’ series but later Tollywood is devastating with back to back flop films. Shockingly so far this year already Telugu film industry recorded 30 disasters of the top and upcoming heroes.

The surprise element is that all the producers and heroes of these 30 flops films made their money, only distributors and exhibitors who bought the rights minted huge losses.

The top heroes film like ‘Naa Peru Surya’, ‘Krishna Arjuna Yudham’, ‘Srinivas Kalyanam’, ‘Sakshyam’, etc. to recent release ‘Sailaja Reddy Alludu’ & ‘NOTA’ made producers and heroes safe with its pre-release business itself. But distributors’ especially Overseas distributors who bought the screening rights has minted huge losses with the failure of these movies at the box office.

Some of the distributors feel like Producers and heroes greediness sinking Tollywood. Due to greediness, the producers and heroes are inventing new business strategy of fixing the current film rate of particular hero by comparing with his earlier blockbuster film Even though the hero doesn’t have that much market at the box office.

But some of the producers saying Heroes increase in the remuneration after acquiring one blockbuster hit and later on not decreasing the remuneration even they are getting flops, indirectly increasing the budget of the film which affecting the producer. So, a producer without any second chance selling the film with new ideas of comparing the current film with only hits films even the hero’s earlier film was a flop.

So, some of distributors and exhibitors feel that hero need to cut their remuneration based on film budget and producer need to fix the screening rights rate by taking the average of particular hero’s flop- hit- blockbuster hit films collections. Distributors and Exhibitors are saying that if the producer sells the current film of a hero by taking an average which will indirectly help them to get the break-even the film bombards box office. And help them to survive in the industry.

Let us wait and see will producers and heroes will change the formula of business to help the industry not to sink. Or will they continue and leave the industry to hell as sinking boat.

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