Arjun Suravaram Live Review

Young hero Nikhil’s Arjun Suravaram, previously titled Mudra, is releasing this week. Nikhil who is facing back to back failures is pinning high hopes on this much-delayed film which has Lavanya Tripathi as the female lead. Let’s check out if Nikhil is back with a bang or not in the live review of Arjun Suravaram.

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Live Review Rating: 2.75/5

Final Talk: Arjun Suravaram has a satisfactory first half. The second half is fast-paced with some twists and turns but moves on a single track. There is no relief in terms of comedy or romance in the second half which might exhaust the audience. Though the concept is novel, the film treads on a predictable zone by the time the film reaches its finale. Nikhil has given a fine performance. He is equally good in fights and emotional scenes. The music is nice with some good situational songs which boost the tempo of the movie. The BGM could have been better. The production values are decent. The film has more appeal for the multiplex audience than the masses. The producers might reach the safe zone as there is not much competition at the box office but in the final tally, it won’t give any huge returns due to lack of commercial elements. Overall Arjun Suravaram is neither great nor bad, it is just a passable one time watch.

Punchline: Only Nikhil Leaves Some Mudra

8:09 AM: The movie ends on a positive note showing the power of media. THE END.

8:02 AM: Arjun escapes from the police station after getting hold of the crucial hard disk which contains all the secrets/truth. Time for Che Guevera Song.

Movie going on at a fast pace now.

7:56 AM: Villain Tarun shifts all the blame on Nikhil over the bank scams and that is the reason why crowd was protesting against Arjun in the start. 

7:50 AM: The moving shifed to emotional mode as Posani gets killed by the Villain Gang. 

7:43 AM: The villain gang gets hold of Arjun and now a fight episode is going on between hero and the villain gang.

7:25 AM: Bang Bang song going on with investigation as the backdrop.

7:21 AM: The film continues its nitty gritty narration in the second half as Arjun gets shot.

First Half Report: The first half starts slow but picks up after Nikhil gets arrested. The investigation scenes are intriguing but there are many jerks that make the film go down occasionally. Overall first half feels lengthy but is not bad, and we have to wait and see what does second half has in store which holds the key for the movie’s success. 

6:55 AM: The first half comes to an end as Nikhil becomes responsible for the death of Villain Tarun Arora’s family Member. Now Taran is thirsty for Nikhil’s blood. INTERVAL

6:49 AM: A good fight scene is going on as Arjun relentlessly going against scammers with the help of Vennela Kishore.

6:42 AM: Arjun finally exposes the fake documents scam and telecasts it on major channels. Khaidi No. 150 fame villain, Tarun Arora enters. 

6:36 AM: Arjun comes out on bail and starts investigation to find the roots of the bank forgery scam.

6:25 AM: In a sudden twist of events, Arjun gets seven year imprisonment in a bank loan scam case.

6:14 AM: Arjun is selected in BBC. Time for the romantic song ‘Kanne Kanne’. The song is lavishly shot and looks good. 

6:05 AM: Arjun has this long cherished dream of joining BBC as journalist. Vennela Kishore, a lawyer as Arjun’s friend and his father Posani Krishna Murali, a constable are introduced.

5:56 AM: Tikamaka makatika song going on

5:53 AM: Satya plays comic side kick of Arjun and his comedy is ok-ok.

5:51 AM: The movie shifts to flashback. Nagineedu and Pragathi play Arjun’s parents. During a sting operation in a pub, Arjun (Nikhil) meets Lavanya Tripathi.

5:43 AM: Nikhil is introduced as Arjun Lenin Suravaram, reporter of channel TV99. People protesting for his arrest and he surrenders himself to the cops. 

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