Arjun Sura’varam’ or shaapam?

Arjun Suravaram release issues

Arjun Suravaram again couldn’t come on the committed date. This film is going through the worst phase for any movie release. After many delays since last 6 months, the makers confirmed the movie will release on 17th of May. But this time too, they couldn’t keep their commitment and the film didn’t release.

Many speculations are going on in the trade about why the movie is getting delayed again and again. Some are saying it’s due to some financial issues which the producers have to settle for a smooth release and some are of the opinion that the makers aren’t able to get a good solo release date.

Whatever the reasons might be but Nikhil is facing the brunt and it is the most embarrassing situation for him. Let us hope for his sake the film gets a release soon. The film has Lavanya Tripathi as the female lead who is also banking on this film for a success.