Asin facing a legal problem

A legal notice has been sent to actor Asin of “Ghajini” fame, holding her responsible for vision impairment to 10 Tamils in Sri Lanka and claiming compensation on their behalf.

The HMK state youth wing general secretary, Mr Gurumurthy, in his notice through the advocate, Mr Balamurugan, to the actor’s residence in Kochi, referred to earlier media reports and claimed that Asin had visited the island nation recently for the shooting of her movie Ready.

The notice stated that Asin, according to media reports, had claimed that she had floated a separate trust and subsequently funded eye surgeries for 300 war affected Sri Lankan Tamils.

Mr Gurumurthy stated that 10 Tamils had lost their vision and many developed complications after their surgery. He claimed Asin and the medical team were solely responsible for the botched eye surgeries.