Asin facing troubles over Lanka eye camp.

It is learnt that hound tinsel beauty Asin organized an eye camp in Jaffna and the Controversy has continued since she became a brand ambassador for beleaguered Sri Lankan President Mahinda Rajapaksa during a film shoot in the island nation. The latest news is that 10 people treated for cataract at an eye camp organised by the actress in Jaffna have lost their vision. In all, 300 people had received medical treatment at the camp in July, when Asin was in Sri Lanka to shoot for the Salman Khan-starrer remake film “Ready”.

The issue was first brought to light by ‘May 17 Movement’ on Thursday (October 14th). An outfit supporting the cause of the Lankan Tamils ‘May 17 Movement’ convenor Thirumurugan said that, “Since they are a people displaced by war, they could not afford medical treatment, the appeal pointed out. All those who have turned blind require huge sums to recover their eyesight”. He also added that, “It is the duty of the film star to offer an explanation on what had gone wrong. Further, she should stop engaging in philanthropic activities in the island nation, which are only aimed at giving legitimacy to the regime in Colombo".

Thirumurugan also claimed it was a plan hatched by the Rajapaksa regime, accused of committing war crimes against the Tamils, to gain legitimacy and the actress should refrain from such activities in the future. He also request all Tamilian’s to keep the actress in a black list.  

Previously, Tamil film industry had boycotted her film shoot. Consequently, there were protests in the Tamil film industry against Asin and even calls to blacklist her from Tamil films. Earlier this month, protesters disturbed proceedings at her film shoot in Ooty.

Asin facing troubles over Lanka eye camp.
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