Asin is very kind hearted

Asin is very kind hearted and she proved it once again. She has taken the onus of educating for an orphan, an eight-year-old girl child named Radhika from Kerela right up to her college. Asin’s looking at making as many underprivileged kids as possible become self-sufficient so that they can take care of themselves post their education. When contacted, Asin confirmed, "I have been working towards children education and child rights for a long time and yes, it is true that I have taken over the entire education cost of this eight-year-old girl. Not just her, I have been looking at taking care of many other children. I have plans of expanding my boundaries and help as many people as possible."

In many situations Asin proved her dedication towards profession. Now it shows Asin’s responsibility towards the society. appreciates Asin and wishes her all the success and happiness throughout her life.