Audio Review : Neeku Naaku Dash Dash

Audio Review : Neeku Naaku Dash Dash

Music Tone

Teja who has got reputation to make genex love stories is back after a deep lull with ‘Neeku Naaku Dash Dash’ with all new comers. Yeshwant Nag has directed music for the film and let us see what it has got in store for music lovers.

1, Song: Boy Boy

Singers: Deepak,Saranya,Gayatri,Sindhu

Lyrics : Sai

A fast beat by Deepak,Saranya,Gayatri and Sindhu keeping in view genex tastes. Lyrics of Sai and tune are set accordingly and makes one crave for it once again. THe mix of instruments bought beauty to the song.

2.Song: Nuvve Nenanana

Singers: Yashwanth Nag

Lyrics: Anand

Yashwanth became singer in this song Nuvve Nenana and he bought in excellent modulation in his voice to bring in the feelings of hero’s love. Lyrics of Anand is in sync with the situation but a lack of melody is a minus in the song.

3.Song: Chekumuki Vadana

Singers: Abhiram, Lipsika

Lyrics: Balaji

A beautiful fast beat romantic number from Abhiram and Lipsika. Balaji’s lyrics gave lovers a chance to express their feelings.Music of Yashwant is decent.

4.Song: Neekopam

Singers: Naresh Iyer, Chinmayi

Lyrics: Balaji

Naresh Iyer and Chinmayi come together to sing another romantic song in this album. Chinmayi’s beautiful voice brings flavor to the song.

5.Song: Aapakura

Singers: Dheeraj, Shruti

Lyrics: Balaji

Dheeraj, Shruti sang this romantic melody with a bit of western touch. Shruti’s sensuous voice attracts all with Dheeraj supporting her ably. Music and Lyrics are average and left a lot to be desired.

6.Song: Parugu Parugu

Singers: Yashwanth, Balu

Lyrics: Balaji

THe tune and score of the song raises one’s passions with people left to imagine a hot chase scene. Yashwant and Balu’s voice bought the desired impact.

7.Song: Dash Dash

Singers: Yashwanth, Kalpana

Lyrics: Anand

Yashwant and Kalpana sang this beautiful number and it stands out from the album. Music and lyrics are extraordinary.

8.Song: Praanam ani Thalach

Singers: Yashwanth

Lyrics: Balaji

Melancholic number by Yashwanth with audience left to wonder what was going to happen. Lyrics are ok.

Final Tune

Yashwant Nag tried his variety with folk, fast beats and romantic numbers in the album. Movie lovers however feel they are deprieved of something else after they heard the album.


Audio Review : Neeku Naaku Dash Dash
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