Awe Crossing Half Million Dollor Mark In USA

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Natural Star Nani’s latest production venture, ‘Awe’ has entered into the Profits Zone in the United States. The movie has crossed the break-even mark ($380K) on Saturday. As of  Saturday, in USA the movie has grossed $ 449,505 and the movie is expected to breach the Half A Million Dollar mark by Sunday. This is a sensational achievement for a small film and it has to be seen where it ends in its full run. New few more locations to be added to ‘Awe’ in USA from Thursday. The locations are San Diego, Bay Area, Connecticut, Norfolk, Corpus Christi, Florence, Indiana, Tulsa, Los Angeles and a few more

The movie has managed to impress the audience there for it’s out of the box content and innovative promotions. So, it should do well there. As of now, it is the first and only area to be breakeven. It’s high time the audience encourage such films, so that more such attempts are made in the Telugu film industry. The Worldwide theatricals of the film were valued at Rs.5 Crore. The makers will increase their promotions after the first weekend. There are no notable movies releasing in the Film Industry in the coming weekend that will ensure that the film will have an extended run at the box-office. If the movie becomes a profitable venture, film makers will dare to attempt more such out of the box films in future.



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