Baahubali Shocks Bollywood Stars

Baahubali Shocks Bollywood Stars

Prabhas, Rana, Tamanna, Anushka’s Baahubali directed by Rajamouli is leaving people across the world in awe. Bollywood stars are shocked with Baahubali’s business and many heaped praises on the film. 

Here are the responses of top stars. 

Salman Khan

"Baahubali" was supposed to be something else when we have seen the promo. I have known Rana Daggubati since the longest time. He has done superb job. Rajamouli’s father V Vijayendra Prasad has written story for ‘Bajrangi Bhaijaan’. I am really happy that Baahubali has done well. Rana wanted to be a software engineer. Today, he will realise why I told him to take up act,

Vidya Balan

That’s crazy business!

Parineeta Chopra

50 crore is unusually the life-time business of many films. I am really glad that we have one such film in our industry that is fetching huge money on a single day for the industry and producers.

More than that, the movie is being praised by everyone. Obviously, it is well-deserved. Congratulations to the team. I hope every film released on every Friday earns this much money. 

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Baahubali Shocks Bollywood Stars
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