Baahubali storm in social media

Rajamouli’s prestigious film ‘Baahubali’ is slated for spectacular release on July, 10th. Any information on the film is the top trending news in all print and electronic media. As such social media is facing Baahubali storm. According to the latest Baahubali’s twitter and facebook is getting followers from across the world. 

Facebook page got 13lakhs likes while Twitter is followed by one lakh people. Baahubali trailer is watched in youtube by 45 lakhs. By Thursday evening ‘Bahubali’ facebook got 1315639 likes. 

IMax PRO Kishan said ‘Baahubali’ craze is bringing back memories of Mega Star Chiranjeevi days. Film stars Rana, Prabhas, Tamanna and Anushka with Keeravani being the music director. 


Baahubali storm in social media
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