Baby Boy For Ekta Kapoor via surrogacy

Ekta Kapoor who is film and television producer gave birth to a baby boy via surrogacy. Reports from the close sources say that she gave birth to the baby on 27th of January and the baby was healthy. She is planning to get the baby boy home very soon.

Earlier her brother Tusshar Kapoor also opted for the same process and had a boy named Laksshya three years ago. Now it looks like Ekta followed her brother to gain motherhood. Ekta and Tusshar are the two children of actor Jeetendra and Shoba Kapoor. They never got married for some unknown reason but wanted to have a family so the Kapoor’s choose this process.

Anyways Tusshar’s son Laksshya was very healthy as of now. Hope Ekta baby will also be healthy and good.