Bad Planning Killing Young Hero’s Career

Karthikeya - File Photo

RX 100 fame Karthikeya had four releases this year, and all of them were flops. He delivered two flops as a hero – Hippi and Guna 369 and another flop as a villain in Nani’s Gang Leader. And now, his latest release, 90 ML, also ended up as a flop. Karthikeya carries a lot of promise, but it looks like he is faltering in choosing the right scripts.

Except for Gang Leader to some extent, all the three films have failed due to bad script selection, and its high time, the actor should retrospect about it. He should also stop emphasizing on mass elements and select good stories. In case, the actor could not select good scripts. He should have a good manager or someone who can do it for him. Good actors need not always be good judges of the scripts, Karthikeya should realize that.