Balakrishna Is Facing Mahanati Heat?

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Tollywood much-excited biopic’s trend has kick-started with a big bang, four days back released ‘Mahanati’ is creating magic at the box office and receiving god applause from nook and corner of the world. ‘Mahanati’ set a high benchmark to all other makers who are getting ready to come up with biopics.

The first one in the row is NTR’s biopic makers, Balakrishna is facing Mahanati heat!!! It is known that Nandamuri Natasimha Balakrishna announced that he will make the biopic of Telugu people’s pride, his father Nandamuri Taraka Ramarao. A couple of months back the film was officially launched, Balakrishna will play NTR’s role which will direct by Teja. The film completed two days shoot but all of the sudden the director Teja who accepted to direct this film was out from the project due to some unknown reasons. Now, makers are in search of the director. The cast and crew are also not yet finalized.

After a huge success of ‘Mahanati’, many negative speculations are started spreading on NTR’s biopic.  Rumours’ spreading wide Balakrishna is re-thinking whether to continue this prestigious movie or not. Because Balakrishna is facing the heat of Mahanati, where the before kick start of film shoot everyone started comparing the NTR biopic with Mahanati. And expecting NTR’s biopic should be made in a more spectacular way. ‘Balakrishna is getting huge pressures from all side and he is thinking to step back but the decision not yet finalized’ says sources.

Even recently in Mahanati pre-release event Young Tiger, NTR warned indirectly the NTR biopic makers that no one is capable of playing Sr. NTR’s role. Let us wait for few more days to know what is cooking inside Nandamuri’s house regarding NTR biopic!!!!

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