Balakrishna on films and politics

Balakrishna on films and politics

Natasimha Balakrishna enjoys tremendous mass following and his powerful dialogues are appreciated by fans. Many expect him to be the same in politics too. 

Balakrishna on being mass hero and mass leader says " Politics, definitely. But the hand of destiny is involved too. Nannagaru is my idol, and my life has mirrored his in more ways than one. Whatever I am today is because of his blessings and a combination of God’s grace and my hard work.My father was the first mass hero of Telugu cinema, and Telugu people cut ting across caste, creed and religion have accepted me as his successor and that’s a huge responsibility . I would be glad if I even achieve a fraction of what nannagaru did as a leader."

On his 100th film he laughs it away saying “No. Honestly, I haven’t real ly thought about it yet. I like to do one thing at a time and don’t believe in mulling over anything for long. Once I complete my present film, I will start thinking about my next. Yes, it will be a landmark film and legions of my fans and well-wishers are hoping for it to be successful. I’m sure it will turn out to be a good one. "

He adds “Honestly, I don’t really understand the anticipation surrounding the film. I’ve been constantly reminded about my impending 100th film for a couple of years now. I guess it means I’m just one film away from the landmark, “

On Mokshagna’s debut he adds “Mokshagna is very talented and has expressed his desire to become an ac tor. But we haven’t yet zeroed in on his launch. He is still finishing his education, and I’m not the one to make elaborate plans. Once I find a good script and finalize a director I will start making plans about his debut. It will be a grand one for sure."

Coming to his 99th film Dictator he says “Director Srivass has crafted a very stylish character for the film. This is going to be the most stylish role I’ve ever played, “
Balakrishna on films and politics
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