Who Is Balayya Targeting As Lamb*i Kodaka?

Balakrishna's Amma Mogudu dialogue goes viral

Balayya and Boyapati’s upcoming film #BB3’s First roar was released yesterday which sent the audience into a frenzy. Balakrishna was seen in a white shirt and dhoti, sporting a black beard and uttering an Ultra Mass dialogue which is creating ripples all over.

The dialogue which goes like, “Eduti Vaaritho Matlaadetappudu elaa matlaadalo nerchuko… Sreenu garu, mee nanna bagunnaadaa? anedaaniki, sreenu garu, nee amma mogudu bagunnaada anedaaniki chalaa thedaa undi raa…..Lambd*i Kodaka!” is being the most discussed thing on the internet these days.

Balayya has been in the news for many good and bad reasons for the past few years and Balayya fans say that this dialogue is a counter-attack to each one of them. Some say Balayya is targeting Mega Brother Naga Babu, while some opine that it is Kodali Nani who generally uses the phrase ‘Amma Mogudu.’

Whoever be that person, this crass but massy dialogue from NBK has surely hit the headlines.