Balakrishnudu Review

Movie: Balakrishnudu 

Rating: 2/5

Writing and Direction: Pavan Mallela

Behind the Screens

Young Hero Nara Rohit is known for selecting good subjects but the actor is yet to get the much-need commercial success. He is trying his luck today through Balakrishnudu which the actor claims to be his first film in the commercial genre. Let us see how the movie fares with the audience.


Bhanumathi Devi (Ramya Krishna) and Pratap Reddy (Ajay) are from Rayalaseema and are at loggerheads on an issue. Pratap Reddy wants to kill Bhanumathi’s daughter-in-law Adhya (Regina) and take revenge. Bhanumathi appoints Balu (Nara Rohit) as a Body Guard. Rest of the story is all about how Balu saves Bhanumathi from factionist Pratap Reddy and how love blossoms between them.

Star Shine:

Nara Rohit toned down a lot for this film and since he is seen in an out and out commercial film for the first time, it appears novel. Regina is beautiful and offered glamour treat for the masses. Ramya Krishna is good in a powerful role, Bhanumathi. Ajay is seen in yet another routine role. Prudhvi’s comedy worked big time. Rest are okay in limited roles.


The movie has got good technical values. The new director Pavan Mallela has chosen a bad and routine story. The screenplay is also disappointing. He only showed his mark in comedy sequences. Vijay C Kumar’s camera work, Mani Sharma’s music, and Kotagiri Venkateswara Rao’s Editing worked well. Production Values are also okay.


There is no novelty in the story or screenplay and the director Pavan Mallela tried to embed with the good dose of commercial elements. Some of the comedy sequences worked out very well. The love track and movie opening scenes are routine. The comedy track with 30 Years Industry Prudhvi worked big time. So-called twists are very predictable and the comedy scenes involving Srinivas Reddy did not work. The climax sequence of the film is also disappointing. Except for Prudhvi comedy track, there is nothing in the film.

Movie Marks:

Balakrishnudu: Nothing Except Prudhvi Comedy

Cast: Nara Rohit, Regina, Ramya Krishna, Prudhvi, Aditya Menon and Others

Producer: B Mahendra Babu, Musunuri Vamsi, Sri Vinod Nandamuri

Music: Mani Sharma

Cinematographer: Vijay C Kumar

Editor: RK Reddy

Banner: Mayabazaar Movies and Saraschandrika Visionary Motion Pictures

Release Date: November 24th, 2017