Balayya Fires On Cameraman For Ugly Looks?

Balayya Blames Cameraman for Ugly Looks in Ruler

NBK’s Ruler that was released in December turned out to be another disaster for Balayya by recovering only 25% of the costs. The film was slammed by critics and the audience for its outdated plot, incoherent performances, pathetic screenplay and direction. On top of that Balayya’s looks as Inspector Dharma was atrocious. His outrageous wig, mustache, and makeup made the experience of watching Ruler almost traumatic.

Now reports are being heard that Balakrishna is blaming cinematographer Ram Prasad for showcasing him ugly on the silver screen. It is a known fact that Balakrishna himself chooses all the wigs and makeup for his films. Then how can he blame the cinematographer for making him look bad.

C Ram Prasad was hired by Balayya for his next too with Boyapati Srinu but now he has been kicked out after the disastrous response for Ruler. Currently, Boya is looking to rope in a top cinematographer for the film.

Balayya should come to learn that others shouldn’t be blamed for his bad choices.