Balayya Comes Up With Matured Reply on Lakshmi’s NTR

Controversial Director Ram Gopal Varma was to make NTR’s Biopic with Nandamuri Balakrishna but the project did not happen. The ace director seems to be itching for revenge on Balayya and has decided to make the film in Lakshmi Parvati’s Point of View which means Balakrishna and Chandrababu Naidu will become villains. Ramu had recently released the Vennupotu song from the film clearing his intentions.

Balayya was asked about this film in an interview and the actor surprisingly came up with a matured reply. “I have no clue on what his film is. It is his choice to make any film. I sought consent from everyone in my family while making NTR but he did not approach us for permission. At the end of the day, audience response for the form is more important than any other’s reaction,” Balayya said. This seems to be a very matured reply from Balayya to Ram Gopal Varma who is trying to provoke with the film. Lakshmi’s NTR was first announced on 24th January, the same as NTR Mahanayakudu. But then, NTR Mahanayakudu got postponed, it has to be seen if Ramu will also postpone his film to go for a clash.