Balayya Again Showing the Rifts With NTR?

Balayya Showing Riffs NTR

The rifts in Nandamuri family are creating huge worry among Nandamuri fans, especially the difference between Balakrishna and Young Tiger NTR are creating confusions among Nandamuri fans. Many times NTR openly trashed that there are no disturbances with Balakrishna but the Balayya never responded on it. But many situations openly witnessed the difference between both.

Now one such news is creating much worry among Nandamuri fans!!! It is known that Nandamuri Balakrishna and mass director Puri Jagannath much-hyped film “Paisa Vasool” is scheduled to release on September 29th as Dussera Visual feast to Nandamuri fans. The makers announced its release date on the film launch day itself.  Later it was announced that Young Tiger NTR’s much-anticipated film “Jai Lava Kusa” under NTR Arts Banner is going to release on September 21st, exactly a week before “Paisa Vasool” release. Which shocked many and rumors are spread as NTR trying to fight with Balayya at the box office.

Even though, Nandamuri fans who worried initially, later on, felt happy that there two heroes films from Nandamuri family are coming for Dussera which would be a visual feast to all Nandamuri fans and thought that this Dussera festive session is going to  Nandamuri’s Vijaya Dashami. Fans thought that one week gap between two hero’s films are enough to grab the crowd to theaters.

But, now latest buzz in Film Nagar is much worrying the Nandamuri fans if the grapevine is to be believed Balayya’s “Paisa Vasool” release may pre-pone a week before. The film has completed entire shooting and left with only some patch work scenes which would be wrapped up by July 22nd. According to sources, July 22nd is the last date to wrap up the production part while Anup Rubens team is set on RR and dubbing works. If the quick production and post production schedules progress as per the refreshed plan, Paisa Vasool release may pre-pone.

Some set of media saying the “Paisa Vasool” may release on September 22nd and some are claiming that film will have the release on September 1st or 2nd week. Makers are still silent on these rumors and the makers’ silent is making confusion over Nandamuri fans.  If “Paisa Vasool” release in 1st week (or) 2nd week of September will not have much effect on NTR’s film. If “Paisa Vasool” release schedules on the same day, September 21st (or) 22nd will definitely affect the two films which are creating much hype in the industry.

Nandamuri fans are requesting the “Piasa Vasool” makers to clear all airs. Let’s wait and see when the maker will end up these rumors by releasing the clear statement on Paisa Vasool release date.