Bandobast Live Review

Bandobast is Suriya’s 37th film in a career spanning 22 years. Bandobast is a make or break situation for Suriya considering his last few films have been dismal flops. The film is directed by creative director KV Anand with whom Suriya has given films like Veedokkade and Brothers. The film also has Mohan Lal playing a crucial role along with Sayyesha Saigal, Arya, and others.

Here is the LIVE Review of Bandobast:

Myfirstshow Live Review Rating: 2.25/5

Firstly, Bandobast may not work commercially. KV Anand touched a good topic which will relate to several political issues going on in the country. But people may not enjoy such films on screen. Moreover, there are no commercial values and further, the film loses steam towards the Climax in the second half. Suriya is dashing in his NSG attire, has given his best in terms of performance but yet again we have to say, this man deserves better. For now, he may face another failure. Arya gets a decent character and Sayyesha fits the bill. Mohanlal’s Screen Presence is great.

8:21 AM: Boman Irani and Chirag Jani get killed by Suriya in the Bomb they planted themselves. THE END. The Second Half starts well but drops. The climax falls flat.

8:03 AM: PM Arya knows about Boman Irani being the reason for his father’s assassination and starts shutting down his industries. Boman tries to take revenge by spreading the pests which kill crops. The pests are being sent in a Goods Train and Suriya blasts the train to kill them.

7:50 AM: Arya goes on Freedom Ride with Sayyesha without the knowledge of the Security. Sensing Danger, the security follows. SPG Director Samuthirakani gets killed.

7:37 AM: Time for Hey Amigo Song on the occasion of Sayyesha’s Birthday. Song not good.

7:34 AM: PM Arya warns closing down of Boman Irani’s Mines due to Irregularities. Boman warns the PM of toppling his Government. Verbal Duel between Suriya and Boman Irani. Very Good dialogue about farmers by Suriya.

7:16 AM: For the land to his industry, Boman Irani introduces a Pest which kills all the crops in Suriya’s village. This is to make the land barren and force farmers to give their lands away. Mohanlal’s son, Arya becomes the Prime Minister and he brings back Suriya as the Chief Security Officer.

7:08 AM: Suriya gets Suspended after he fails to save the Prime Minister. But he still goes to the Assassination Place to crack the case. Boman Irani seems to be behind the Assassination. Spotted in a car traveling with the main villain.

7:00 AM: Prime Minister Gets Killed in a Trip to Kashmir. Chigar Jani is the one behind this Assassination. He is the main villain until now. First Half Concludes. It is patriotic fervor all over until now and proceedings move at a brisk pace. But then, it is neither great nor bad until now. Let us see how the Second half is.

6:45 AM: An attack happens on Suriya and Samuthirakani, the SPG Director in a Party. On the other side, an anonymous phone caller is warning Samuthirakani of the attack and foretells his dog will get killed. Things happen as is. The caller says let us meet in Kashmir.

6:32 AM: PM appoints Suriya as his Chief Security Officer. Boman Irani introduced as a Big Shot Industrialist like Ambani. Nagineedu is seen as a Minister. Movie going on in a patriotic way.

6:17 AM: Another Song, Mecha Ninne. Kind of Rap Song with Complete Female Voice.

6:12 AM: It is revealed that Suriya is an Undercover Cop. He previously does an Operation in Pakistan as well. He saves the Prime Minister in London.

6:05 AM: An arrested Terrorist reveals the Assassination plot of the Prime Minister (Mohanlal) who is in London. On a different track, Suriya is being shown as a Terrorist. He goes to London from the Village. Sayyesha enters as the Prime Minister’s Secretary.

5:56 AM: Suriya is very Popular in his village and he does Organic Farming.

5:50 AM: First Song, Seruku Singari. The Film moves to the Village Side. Good Song

5:45 AM: Arya Enters as Mohanlal’s Son

5:44 AM: The Minister gets Killed. A commando Operation saves the others.

5:43 AM: Mohanlal as Prime Minister. He just escapes a Terror Attack. Terrorists take a minister and other people as hostage demanding the release of the previously arrested Terrorists.

5:40 AM: Suriya jumps off a Goods Train which gets Blasted. Ordinary Entrance.

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