Basthi movie review

Basthi movie review

Movie: Basthi

Rating: 1.75/5

Director: Vasu Manthena

Behind the Screens

Jayasudha’s son Shreyan Kapoor is coming to entertain movie lovers making his debut on screen with Basti. Let us see what impact he made on viewers.

Story Line

Gangs of Ammiraju (Mukesh Rishi) and Bhikshapathi (Kota Srinivasa Rao) share longstanding rivalry. This gets sravanti (Pragna Chourasiya),daughter of Bhishapathi kidnapped after his son rapes and kills his supporter’s sister. Even as atmosphere is tensed, Ammiraju’s brother Vijay (Shreyan Kapoor) returns to India and fall in love with Sravanthi. To findout further developments in Basthi with Bhavani roping in Bihar gang to eliminate Ammiraju,watch Basti on big screen. 

Star Shine

Shreyan Kapoor got the looks of a lover boy. But to attract masses he should develop his physique. At the sametime he should work on his expressions and acting performance to impress viewers. Pragathi Chourasiya got limited role and is ok in it. Mukesh Rishi played well as a loving brother and as a gangster while Abhimanyu Singh and Kota Srinivasa Rao are ok in their roles. 


Vasu Manthena on debut decided to choose safe path of a love story with little mass tinge into it. However he failed to establish it in a powerful manner due to his inexperience. Story turned routine and with uninspiring screenplay and direction, viewers get irritated right from the start. Vasu failed to extract the best from his cast and crew which affected the final outcome. Right from the start to finish the story goes no where testing the patience of people. Lack of romantic feel, chemistry between pair acted as drawbacks.


Music and Background score of Praveen Ummadi is ok. Placement of songs is not perfect. Cinematography is good. Editing of Gautam Raju could have been far better. Production values are good.

Movie Marks

This Basti is no Mass Masti!


Cast: Shreyan Kapoor, Pragathi Chourasiya,Mukesh Rishi, Abhimanyu Singh,Kota Srinivasa Rao, Saptagiri and others

Director: Vasu Manthena

Editing: Gautam Raju


Music: Praveen Ummidi

Producer: Vasu Manthena

Banner: Vazman Creations

Basthi movie review
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