Beach Road Chetan Movie Review

Movie: Beach Road Chetan

Rating: 1/5

Director: Chetan Maddineni

Behind Screens:

Tollywood has always encouraged new directors, new ideas and new technologies. Beach Road Chetan is another film that looks different, raw and gritty from the trailers. The film has been acted, produced and directed by newcomer Chetan Maddineni. Let us review if his debut film deserves claps or slaps.


Chetan is a careless and aimless youngster who spends all his time drinking and smoking with his equally useless friends. One day he finds a strange phone which can take you into the past and gives you an opportunity to change things. Then he falls in love with Shruthi who gets killed. So with the help of the phone, he decides to go into the past and change it to save the life of his love. Amidst all these, there are various angles of drug mafia, human trafficking and loads of violence which the hero has to take care of while saving his girlfriend. Will he able to save her life forms the crux of the story…


Chetan Maddineni has come up with a very average performance which can be called amateur at best. He has to do loads of homework on his expressions, body language, dances, and dialogue delivery if he wants to continue as an actor. Shruthi, who played the lead actress is pretty bad. Her OTT makeup is distracting. Other actors are all newbies and they get on to your nerves with their bad performances.


The single-line story of the movie is decent and resembles SV Krishna Reddy’s Yamaleela to some extent. There the hero had to save his mother’s life and in this film, the hero goes all out to save the life of his lover. The screenplay is pathetic and after a point of time, the audience doesn’t care about anything that is happening on the screen. The film is completely shot with iPhone and the quality of the frames is pretty bad. The BGM is jarring and becomes an ear-sore by the time the film ends. None of the technical departments deserves any mention as everything is sub-standard. Chetan Maddineni who has also written the story-screenplay-dialogues besides directing the film has done a pretty bad job. He just doesn’t know the ABCD of film-making. Even short films have a better impact than this Beach Road Chetan.


The first half is pretty bad and the second half is even worse. The climax does make some sense because it tries to drive a poignant message that one cannot change his/her destiny. Sometimes it is better to let go of things than to hold on to them causing pain and danger to everyone involved in the relationship. But no one in the audience has the patience to sit for 150 minutes of torture to realize this message. The film didn’t deserve a theatrical release. The morning show tickets for the film were distributed for free but after watching the film it can be said that even if you get paid for watching this torture, avoid it.

Movie Marks:

Beach Road Chetan – Kharma-Leela

Cast & Crew: Chetan Maddineni, Shruthi, and others.

Producers: Chetan Maddineni

Release Date: 22nd November 2019